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(Read this entire post before applying)

❔Do you❔

**Need to support your family or generate income for the things you want to do in life?
**Have a desire for freedom and time flexibility?
**Are you ready to build an Empire of your own, rather than work to build someone else's dreams?
**Do you want to work for a tight-knit team where you’re part of the family, not just a part in a machine?

(If you answered YES to any of those questions, keep reading...I promise this is real lol)


Start a career in financial services, one of the most stable and lucrative industries in the world!

We are looking for new INDEPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE AGENTS who are ready to learn the business, work hard, have fun, and finally earn what you’re worth.

Work remote from anywhere, part time or full time, set your own schedule, build your own agency, no limits on your income. No experience necessary.

This is a 1099 independently contracted commission selling position. You will be selling life insurance ONLY to people who have already reached out and asked for someone to help them with life insurance.

➡️ Part-Time workers = 15-20 hours per week and can earn $2,000-$6,000+ per month.
➡️ Full-Time workers = 35-45 hours per week and can earn $8,000-$15,000++ per month.

⚡ Highlights ⚡

⚠️ NO cold calling, and NO bugging friends and family to buy from you (The leads we work are HOT 🔥)
⚠️ NO network marketing or MLM
⚠️ NO membership fees, dues, franchise fees, etc.
⚠️ NO sales quotas, no condescending bosses, no sleazy sales tactics, no neckties (unless that's your thing)
✅ Hands-on training and mentoring from me and our team of very successful agents
✅ Be part of a vibrant, growth-oriented, successful team that embraces new members like family
✅ We provide you people to talk to who already asked for help with life insurance
✅ Commissions paid out daily directly to you by our insurance carriers
✅ Remote work and in-person training opportunities available
✅ Earn a raise every 2 months or LESS
Health insurance available
✅ Take part and earn equity in the company
✅ Major opportunities to own your own agency (if desired, not required)
✅ Earn bonuses, get lots of personal recognition, win/earn amazing trips to 5-star resorts all across the world


Some of our successful team members include...

👷‍♂️--A former Trade Worker (19 Y/O) who recently earned several thousand dollars AND a $1,800 bonus in his first full month

🦷--A former dental hygienist and single mom of two kids who now works from home full time and in her first year replaced a $90k a year income

👨‍🏫--A former Customer Service Rep, single mom of two, who was capped out on pay from her w2, was never gonna get a raise again, since joining symmetry she has been able to unleash her full potential, and due to uncapped pay she was able to triple her previous income.

🍺--A former bartender and musician who now works remotely, travels, and earns over $10k per month

⚕️--A former Pharmacy Tech who quit nursing school to pursue her passion of financial and time freedom who is now creating a massive agency to leave behind for her kids.

🏡--A former W-2 Sales Rep, long hours, for a boss he hated, bad pay, no control, since coming onboard he has been able to increase his income substantially, and is loving all the support in our company.

❌ This is NOT for you if: ❌

**You're not willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on an insurance license
**You want the W-2 life and an hourly wage or salary
**You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme
**You don’t care about other people or you’re willing to do anything, even unethical things, to get what you want

✔️This MAY be a good fit for you if:✔️

**You have a desire to create a life worth living for yourself and those around you
**Already have your insurance license or willing to get one
**You are Teachable, Hard Working, Honest, and Humble
**You have the self-discipline and integrity to put in the work needed without someone watching over you.
**You’re a high character person who cares about others and likes to do the right thing
**Money isn’t the end game for you, it’s just a means to freedom, helping others, and building a great life for you and your loved ones

Email me directly at
Book a direct appointment on my calendar:

Please have intent to be there so we can discuss this opportunity, or cancel before hand, much appreciated. Thank you!

We look forward to hearing from you and getting your journey started towards a better life!

Work from Home Independent Life Insurance Agents - sales - job employment - craigslist (2024)
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