Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (2024)

Hello and Welcome to our weekly update. This week's main highlight is improvements in the user experience of shareable collections, benchmarking of new hosting infrastructure for Scrolller, new designs for premium Popups, and measuring our network bandwidth utilization.

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User Highlights

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (1)

This week's spotlight is on "ZanaZina" for providing us with great feature suggestions that will help to make Scrolller a powerful content platform. ZanaZina suggested introducing a list view of all follows in alphabetical order. It will give our users the ability to jump to the collection directly that they love and want to see.

Thank you ZanaZina for your valuable feature suggestion and we assure you that you will be able to see this feature on Scrolller in near future.

If you would like to share any feature feedback and contributions, don't hesitate to let us know. We greatly appreciate your taking valuable time to offer us feedback and support on the journey towards building Scrolller.

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User Accounts Growth

This week our team was brainstorming ideas on what can be done to provide our users with a great experience. Rather than focusing on how we can grow our user account number, we are now focused on how we can improve the user experience. A great user experience will automatically result in an increase in user base and hence account creation.

SFW Categories:

Safe for Work categories is one of the most demanded features of Scrolller. Our users want to equally enjoy the SFW categories as they enjoy the NSFW categories. We finished the development of SFW categories last week. We had a setback as we identified an issue with this feature


All the categories get generated dynamically from the content we have. Since we have an identified issue that some NSFW content is mislabeled as SFW content. It is also getting represented in the SFW categories as some of the NSFW categories pop up in that section.

We want to make sure that no NSFW category gets displayed on the SFW categories page.

Our developers are working on resolving this issue. As soon as it gets resolved we will launch the SFW categories on Scrolller.

User-Friendly URLs for Shareable Collections

With the launch of Shareable User Collections, we are providing our users with an opportunity to claim a URL for their collection that they would love to own. A user-friendly URL will not only help users to easily remember the link to their collection but will also be beneficial in SEO.

A 54.5% of our user base explore Scrolller via search engines. A great SEO of these user-generated collections will help redirect more traffic towards Scrolller. The image below represents the user acquisition of Scrolller from various sources.

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (3)

Please let us know in the comments what you think about how we can increase the user account creation rate on Scrolller.

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Use of Pro-Metric Ads as User Guide

Pro-Metric Ads are a great source of educating our users about the features that are available in Scrolller. They also help to convert a large number of users to premium. Since there are a lot of new features getting added to Scrolller, we will be creating some really engaging pro-metric videos to help our users understand how they work.

The graph shows that on average 200+ users actively engage with the pro-metric ads every day. An engagement is recorded when a user watches the pro-metric Ad on full screen by clicking on it.

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (4)

Upcoming Pro-Metric Ads:

  • A guide to Share Your Collections

  • Discover User Collections with Leader Board

User Experience Issues

Scrolller's development team is focused on squashing every bug in the system. We are making sure to set quality checks in place going forward so every new feature that is released is properly regressed and tested to make sure it doesn't impact any other functionality of Scrolller.

Scrolller is on a mission to provide our users with the best experience possible and it is not possible without your help. If you experience any problem with Scrolller, please report it to us, and our development team will fix it on a priority basis.

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User Experience Issues - Blocked:

  • The whole column stops loading if a video fails to render.

    • Our development team investigated this issue and found that the column doesn't stop loading but actually when a piece of content that is larger in size is being downloaded, it takes time for column to catch up.

    • Our team is investigating how we can resolve this problem and make sure that infinite scroll is always working and loading content.

User Experience Issues - In Progress:

  • Pro-Metric Ads getting displayed to Premium Users.

  • Content tiles disappear while loading.

  • Video playback failure

Roadmap for Growth for User Accounts

  • SFW Categories (In Progress)

  • Pro-Metric Advertising (In Progress)

  • Content Recommendation (In Progress)

  • Unlocking Categories plan (Design Phase)

  • Scrolller APP (Back Log)

  • Scrolller Extension and Enhancements (Blocked)

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (5)

Premium CTA popups and subscriptions

This week we worked on finalizing changes for premium CTA popups, as we expect this will help regain the attention of our users. We have created new designs and copies so that they resonate with user pain points. All of the triggers are also being built in such a manner that people only see a specific popup as a solution to their problem.

Changes to Premium Popups

We have decided to experiment with the following changes and track the impact of each change.

  • Changes in design and copy of Popups

    Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (6)
  • Changes in trigger locations and timings

    • Users will see the "Slow Experience" popup when we detect that the content is loading slower on the user side and is impacting the user experience.

    • User will see the "Improve Content" popup when he encounters a collection that doesn't have much content in it.

Help us name Scrolller's Cat:

  • We will be using this cat in all popup designs going forward. We would love suggestions from your end on what could be the best name for this cat. Our team members proposed "Scolller Cat" and "Scrollly". Let us know in the comments what you would like to name it.

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Solution to Payment Processor Problem

Last week we discussed data vaulting as a solution to our payment processor problem and how it can provide full payment provider independence for Scrolller. We reached out to ProcessOut for a demo of their platform to see how it best suits Scrolller needs. We are still waiting for them to schedule a meeting with us. Hopefully, this week we will get a demo from them. We will also ensure that we fulfill the required criteria to signup and start working with them.

Next Steps:

  • Meeting with ProcessOut to learn more about their infrastructure, solutions, and cost.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this solution. If you have any experience with ProcessOut do let us know how it went for your company

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Progress on Faster Hosting for Premium Users

Our new infrastructure for premium users has been deployed on GCP. Our team is ensuring that the new infrastructure delivers what our premium users expect from Scrolller. Our developers are currently focused on the following activities.

Front End Optimisations:

  • Our development team is working on eliminating any bugs on the front end that may result in increased load times.

Benchmarking Performance:

  • Our development team is confident that the transfer of our database from a bare metal server to Cloud SQL will significantly improve the performance.

  • We benchmarked the performance of the new cloud infrastructure and compared it with the production instance of Scrolller.

  • The results proved that there wasn't any significant difference in the performance of the two.

  • Our development team is now tracing any configuration issues that might be blocking Scrolller from utilizing the full potential of cloud instances.

Content Distribution Network:

  • To estimate costs for using a CDN for Scrolller, we started monitoring the network bandwidth utilisation this week.

  • We found that in just 12 hours, Scrolller served 4.8 TB of data.

  • The network bandwidth usage will be compared with the daily active users to get the amount of data served per user. This will allow us to compute the cost of CDN for our users per month.

Roadmap for Growth in Revenue

  • Faster Hosting for Premium Users (In Progress)

  • Multiple Payment Processors (Design Stage)

  • Exclusive Features for Premium User (Design Stage)

User Generated Collections

This week our team focused on improving the User Experience of shareable collections. We learned that there were many communication gaps regarding the working of this feature with our end users. To ensure better communication, our UI/UX designer proposed new designs that will educate users on how this feature works.

Improving User Experience:

  • We are sharing designs that will help us in communication about this feature with our end users.

    • Ensuring our users more about their privacy when they create a collection.

    • Communicating the benefits they might get by sharing their collection.

    • Guiding them on each step while they create and share their collection.

    • Video Ads for educating our users about this feature.

  • Providing our users with the ability to create custom URLs.

    • We are working on providing our users with an opportunity to claim a URL for their collection that they would love to own

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (7)


  • Leaderboard (In Progress)

  • Shareable Favorites collection (Improvements)

  • Incentives for top 100 users in the leaderboard. (In Progress)

  • Shareable Following collection (Blocked)

Let us know in the comments what you think about these new designs for shareable user collections.

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Social Media Update

Last Week in View:

Our social channels are picking stable growth with an increased number of followers. Our team is focused on increasing the traffic on Scrolller from social media. This focus as resulted in a 19.74% increase in the traffic from social media to Scrolller.

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (8)

Our overall traffic to the website saw an increase which was not very significant but it’s a step in a positive direction. We are working towards maintaining steady social growth and traffic to successfully deliver what people really like to see the most in our accounts and connect with them.

Hashtags Test

The social media team is testing the efficiency of various hashtags on social media. They conducted an experiment to test the impact of hashtags by using a list of very specific hashtags

  • The team posted 7-8 daily posts during a week with specific hashtags rather than generic tags.

  • Specific hashtags are getting better results~ increased traffic & engagement

  • We saw a +108% increase in engagement on the posts with specific hashtags.

Premium Subscription Give Away:

Last week, we organized a giveaway for our social media followers where 2 lucky winners on both Instagram and Twitter will enjoy a whole month of the premium subscription for free!

The results of the free giveaway were not very great as users are not engaging with that post. Our team is working on making more engaging posts to capture our audience's attention.

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Thank you for being our fans and followers on social media.

Do let us know anywhere if you have strategies that have worked for you on social media or have any valuable feedback so we can learn from them. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Roadmap for Growth in Social Traffic

  • User Generated Collections: Create and share your favorites and follows (In Progress)

  • Facebook Automation (Blocked)

  • Twitter Automation (Blocked)

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (9)

Team Updates

Scrolller Team Highlights for the week!

Nick β€” Auto-scaling load features and identifying the bottle necks in performance.

Mannan β€” Focused on execution of priority tasks.

Karol β€” Improving user experience of shareable user collections and bug fixes.

Valentin β€” Social media management & user support

Tim β€” Completed the tasks on content recommendation system. Enjoying vacations.

Matt β€” System performance analysis & metrics

Chris β€” Pairing sessions with the team, weekly team management.

Have any feedback for us? Don't hesitate to share it with us in the comments sections. We like hearing any feedback you have for us.

Road Map

You can share feedback with us about any of the new features below. Using this Airtable Form. Looking forward to your comments

This week

  • User Generated Collections: Create and share (In Progress)

  • Faster Hosting for Premium Users (In Progress)

  • Content Recommendation System (In Progress)

  • Categories page for SFW collections + Unlock (In Progress)

  • Exclusive Features for premium users (Back Log)

  • New native advertisem*nts (Back Log)

  • Monetization Update and Optimization (Back Log)

  • Turning off old Scrolller (Back Log)

  • Enhancements to Auto Scroll Feature (Blocked)

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Until next time, happy scrollling!

Scrolller Weekly Update on Shareable Collections, Faster Hosting, and More (2024)
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